About us

We are a rural Pennsylvanian via the 80s East Village and 90s London, and her agoraphobic bestie from NYC, who have always made art and furniture, and had an idea to take who dictates art back to the artist by creating a artists’ coop, first 20 years ago, then a gallery/furniture space 10 years ago in Saugerties, NY.

Having no luck selling friends’ art, we decided to supplement with a vast collection of modern and post-modern originals from the source, including buying all the Endicott IBM Miller, Risom and Knoll furniture (no one else at the time wanted), and a 50 year collection of outsider art.

We strive to help everyone be happy in their environments.

We believe the space you occupy should be a reflection of who you are, and giving thought to and organizing this space helps generate self awareness and combats dysfunctionality. We believe everyone should live around art, including your furniture. And we believe style and taste is not generated by cost, but by thought and process.

A few years ago, we opened another shop in Downsville NY, and will be opening an Artspace soon in Long Eddy, NY, championing locals, makers, Main Street, and Art for everyone.

99% of our furniture is still authentic originals, and we try to have a price point for everyone. We are working at getting all of our storage barns photographed and on our website, so ask us if you don’t see something you’d like, we may have it.


pio deroda